Mindfulness Meditation Using Cannabis


For those looking to enhance their mindfulness meditation practice, look no further than cannabis.

It may come as a surprise to some, but including cannabis consumption in your meditative regimen can work wonders in helping to increase its benefits.

Modern science is proving that there are real merits to mindfulness meditation that go far beyond any spiritual sense. The practice has been shown to increase focus, mood, productivity, and overall well-being in practitioners.

In addition, the current cannabis craze has created interest in all the ways it can be implemented in our daily lives. Cannabis has far-ranging applicability, from recreational to medicinal.

Not all cannabis strains are created equal when it comes to their particular effects on people. When deciding to include a little marijuana into the mindfulness routine, it’s important to know which types of strains will work best for you. Continue reading for a detailed guide into which cannabis strains are optimal for mindfulness meditation.

What is mindfulness meditation?

Before talking about the cannabis aspect, here’s a quick overview of the techniques used in mindfulness meditation and the benefits they offer. To start, it’s a good idea to know why you wish to partake in meditation in the first place. Mindfulness is best for people who are looking to reduce the stress and anxiety in their lives and instead increase their focus and productivity. This is done through the act focusing your attention on the present moment while not committing to the noisy thoughts in your mind.

A good way to get started is to sit or lay somewhere comfortable, minimize distractions, and focus on your breathing. Since breathing is one of the things we are guaranteed to be doing in the present moment, it is a great tool for anchoring your mind. When you notice a thought intruding on your focus, simply acknowledge the thought and refocus on your breathing. With enough practice, you’ll eventually be able to take this technique wherever you go. Whenever you’re confronted with a stress-inducing situation, you’ll be able to retain your focus and tackle the issue firsthand.

Here’s where cannabis comes in. The purpose of mindfulness is to increase your focus and reduce stress. Certain marijuana strains contain genetic profiles that are conducive to this very goal. By supplementing with a small amount of cannabis, you can increase your ability to focus on the present moment while meditating.

Which cannabis strains are best for meditation?

There is a multitude of specific strains conducive to meditation, a few of which will be mentioned soon. But first, here are the genetic attributes that make a strain good for increasing focus.

In general, Sativa plants, as opposed to Indica, seem to be a better fit since they tend to increase mental alertness and focus on their own. Furthermore, marijuana plants contain molecules called terpenes that produce additional characteristics that are good for focus. Limonene, for example, is a terpene with a citrusy profile that tends to energize and uplift consumers. Pinene is another terpene often found in Sativas, which is known for increasing alertness. Searching for strains with calming, yet uplifting terpenes that increase mental clarity are the ones to go for.

Blue Dream: this is a popular strain that can be found in most dispensaries. Blue Dream is a Sativa characterized by its fruity and sweet profile. It is usually high in Myrcene — a terpene associated with sedation and calmness — and Pinene.

White Widow: this is a hybrid strain (Sativa and Indica mixed) with high concentrations of Limonene, Myrcene, and Caryophyllene. These three terpenes are commonly associated with anti-anxiety and calmness. It has an earthy, floral profile and is known to boost creativity. White Widow is good for clearing a clouded mind and producing positivity while meditating.

Lamb’s Bread: this earthy strain induces both energy and positivity into your thinking process. High in Pinene, Caryophyllene, and Linalool, these terpenes combine to reduce anxiety, helping you to focus on your meditations.

How to meditate with cannabis.

Once you’ve chosen your preferred strain, it is now time to implement it into your usual mindfulness routine. Getting super high is not the goal here, so it’s best to start with just one puff. After you exhale the smoke, make sure to breathe in the aromas so that you can benefit from some of the terpenes in that way. When you’re finished with your first hit, begin meditating as usual by focusing on your breathing, or counting from one to ten.

You should only feel a very minor sensation of actually being high. This should be enough to reap some of the benefits of your chosen strain. If you feel like you might’ve taken too much, that’s okay, just keep meditating like normal and maybe try a smaller amount next time. Feeling too much of the high can be problematic because at a certain point, it becomes too distracting. Certain thoughts may become too seductive, or adverse effects like short-term memory loss may kick in.

Take another puff if you think it won’t take away from your mindfulness technique. Once you’ve found your sweet spot, however, prepare to experience a new level of mind elevation.

Experiment with different cannabis strains to enhance your meditation practice.

Knowing which marijuana strains will be best for you and your mindfulness endeavors ultimately depends on a little experimentation. Not everyone reacts the same way to chemicals. The strains mentioned in this article are good starting points, but feel free to try different ones until you’re satisfied with the results. For example, Indicas may actually end up being preferable to you because of their increased calming effects, while others may find Indicas to be too sleep-inducing while meditating.

The point is that marijuana is a fantastic tool for anyone looking to enhance their meditation practice and the wonderful mental benefits it produces. You just need to find the right strain.


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